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Sit inside a room and lock yourself and emotion with in, a man with no friend, no soulsmate, no nothing about relationship that slowly decay inside his own room, people say you only live one but what you call a man that had nothing more than his own misery to be friend with a man chose to be hollow by put himself away from the rest of others, invisible from others, none exist from others, wonder if he would have a better life in the begin. A hollow only exist but never lives to understand the meaning of being important in others eyes, what is this hollow purpose to even exist in the begin, maybe a misfortune of his former life, a man lived with lonelyness..
i knows you rather not want to sit your butt down and watch the journal about some guy's life when you have better things to what on Youtube, but i'm gonna tell you a little short story about me .
My name is Jason and i'm seriously blank myself to death
i mean i'm unemployed not like i dont want to go to work i used to have a job but it's end not really well for me, you know Shit happened
so anway i owe my parrent for raised me, totally didn't make them proud yet 
i owe myself for accepted the unchangeable rules of GOING TO SCHOOL when you young, i got alot of memories but mostly i rather not want to remembered,     
i owe the present so you had a dreams when your wildest imagination run free then turn into some crazy stuff that gave you a satisfied moment that you never ever gonna do it in real life ? well you woke and realize today is monday and you hate everyone
you see i got somany DEBTS to payoff and i'm here, sitting down and writes something on the internet and hope some strangers can take a look of my life, yep it's screw up and messy and never ending for me but that's LIFE, SUCK your every souls out and chew it like a crappy bubblegum.............................................................
it's a late nights, she's a blonde hairs girl, pretty and young(a daughter of a family just moved in near my house), she caught my heart when i look at her gently, and my cousin was there, he told me about a party late at night, the clocks had pointed at 12am, it's midnight and we were planning to go sneak out. We got out and went to this excited places, i hold her hand and walked throught the crowdy people there, the night seem never been this much peaceful, well at least with her by my side..... the last thing i remember when i woke up was the smile on her faces. Such an Angel.